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                                    - Dj Turnament


                                         - The Grand Facilitator


                                         - The Godfader





        Ever since I was a little kid I always wanted my own set of turntables. Something about them just caught my attention. Its the same story as any dj will describe it to you, in terms of how you get into djing . . .  Both my parents had the old school record players. . .blah blah blah. . .  I pushed both of them together one day and I tried scratching.  I tore the shit out of the record, and the needle broke.  I remember when I was trying to scratch I hit a snare (drum). I heard that sound on the radio and on a few albums that I had at the time. Like the Beastie Boys, and Dr Dre. I would always listen to the song, and when Mix Master would start cuttin, I would always rewind it and listen to it again and again ( kind of like a Premier track now ).

         The first time I ever saw a dj had to be when I turned on MTV and saw the video " 3 Mc's and 1 DJ " by the Beastie Boys,  and Mix Master Mike.  I saw Mix Master Mike cuttin' up beats for em' and shit in the video.  The way they incorporated the use of a dj in the video was ill to me.  He just in the backround doing his thing,  but he was a huge part of the video and song (that video is sick by the way). I continued watching MTV and looking for live dj's. Isearched for mad long and finally one day I see " Dj Scribble " live at Spring Break, in Cancun. I finally saw the dj do his thing live. He just kept the flow going. He was in control of the whole party. I was influenced ever since I saw that show at spring break to be a dj. My sophmore year of high school I was introduced to my boy Jonny B. He introduced me to the whole hip hop scene at the time, which wasn't to bad here. Thats when I was introduced to Adept and Identity.  I started chillen with the " Lyrical Prophet ", and the " God Apprentice " alot more.  I was later introduced to Fine Print " The Perfectionist ", who started chillen with us alot more throughout the year. I went to Jonny's crib and saw that he had turntables sitting in his room.  I'd never seen turntables in real life that were right in front of me like that yet. I wanted to scratch. He whipped out a crate full of records and he started scratching. Then came my turn. Yep....had no frigin clue what I was doing. Never really even touched the fader of a mixer before. I had no idea what to do, but as time goes on you pick up on it . . .


        A few months later, I got enough money from working, and I finally got a dj starter kit. I officially entered the dj realm in 2003. I had the worst turntables in the world. They were these old Gemini turntables, with the crappiest needles and mixer anyone had ever seen, EVER. When I would try to scratch in a beat in would skip to the point where I would just spin the beats and forget about scratching at all. They were awful.  But, it was good enough for me, and a good place to start. I wasn't really that good at the time, so I lost interest. I kind of gave up on it for the time being.  Every know and then I would just mess around with them, but I never really took being a dj seriously. As time went on, I met this kid that was in my gym class, who is a b-boy, Mitchell.  He had been breaking for years and years. I've heard about him through other friends that he was sick at breakin'. So me and him started chillen alot more.  He told me that he had turntables and that we should get together sometime and scratch. His turntables were sick. But, I didn't understand the culture of hip hop to well back then. 

        It wasn't until my junior year where i was introduced to King Author,  and T.A.P.O.U.T.  The R.A.M.S. and I went to Author's crib.The first thing you see when you walk in his room are his turntables, to the left are all of his records, the MPC 2000XL, and the rest of the studio..I wanted my room to look just like that (and now it does).I have mad shit like that in my basement now. I heard from mad people that he was an ill emcee, and dj. I then heard it for myself and he and his teams reputation was proven to me without any question. I heard him scratch, and got inspired all over again, but this time in a different way. I just saw how serious he took it. He explained to me the basics of scratching. wanted to be down with him and his crew, and dj for them.  He explained to me what he was trying to accomplish in terms of music.  Since that day, The Godfader, Author, and T.A.P.O.U.T. started chillen alot more and becoming mad cool throughout the summer of 04', and I started to slowly become the third member of Beyond Measure, and the sixth member of the C.A.D.E.T.S.  Author put me on to mad shit I never even knew about.  The dude just knows everything about music, so did TAPOUT.I would stay up all night trying to teach myself how do this shit, and I finally got it all down. 

              I told Author that I always wanted to dj for a crew. Make people actually want to be there and have fun. Make them want to follow us on tour or something.  It hasn't happend yet,  but it will soon . . . . . and when it does,  your going to want to be there cause its going to be crazy.


 I went home and wanted to buy a set of 1200's and a sick mixer to do it. So I got my first set in 04', with the Technics Battle mixer,  and started buying maaadddd records.  I got hooked on it. Its like a drug, once I buy I can't stop. I just keep finding more and more that I need. I even went shit broke for months because I couldn't stop buying records. It started off with jus half a crate full, but now its just ridicuously out of control.  It's going to do nothing but get bigger, bigger, and bigger. ( no homo )  

             Author and T.A.P. came to me, asked me if I wanted to be down with them. I said hell yes. I was waiting for them to ask me for a minute. Thats how I was entered into Beyond Measure. Turnament will be in charge of scratch intro's, promoting shit,  shows, labels, deals, and shit like that. I also am going to learn how to make beats and start producing tracks (like any dj should).




                      A real dj should never stop digging for records.  You could dig all day and find so many records but then there's always that one record that your looking for and when you find it, its the greatest feeling ever.  Your digging all day, and you know exactly what record you want to find.  Sometimes you get lucky and other times it sucks.  Once you start digging, it's so hard to stop. I used to skip class all the time when I went to college just to go digging. I just had to do it!!  Digging for records is mad addictive.  Trying not to buy vinyl for a dj is the hardest thing in the world. The thing is about digging is that when you look for records, you can never just buy one record.  You have to come up and buy stacks and stacks full of records.   Any dj that buys records and digs knows exactly what I'm talking about, or should anyways.  A real dj digs for hours and hours.  I know I do all the time. I would all day all night if I had the time. 




 - -Producers - -

" Dj Premier,  Pete Rock,  RZA,  (JMT) Stoupe,  Large Professor,  Alchemist,  Necro,  J-Zone,  Marley Marl,  Lord Finesse,  Eric Sermon,  Easy Mo Bee,  Panik,  The Beatnuts,  J- Live,  J. Love, The Avid Record Collector, Insight, The Beat Junkies. "



 " DeeJays & Turntablists " 


                          " Grand Wizard Theodore (Founder of the scratch) ,  Steve Dee (Father of the beat juggle) ,  Dj Premier,  Pete Rock,  Tony Touch,  Dj Scratch,  Jam Master Jay,  Terminator X,  Roc Raida,  Rob Swift,  Total Eclipse (X-Ecutioners),  Mista Sinista,  $ Dj Cash Money$,  Dj Flare,  Dj Relm, Dj Craze, Dj Infamous,  A-TRAK,  The Allies,  Dj Dexta,  Mix Master Mike,  Dj Q-bert,  Invisible Scratch Picklz ( First turntablist crew ),  Grandmaster DST,  Grandmaster Flash,  Bullet Proof Scratch Hamsters,  Kool Herc,  Dj Statik,  Rholi Rho,  Dj Dummy,  Dj Short-Kut,  Dj Klever,  Cut Chemist,  Dj Shadow,  Dj Z-Trip,  Dj Jazzy Jeff,  5th Platoon,  D-Styles,  Dj Babu,  Melo-D,  Dj Polo,  Dj Jazzy Jay,  Dj Curse,  Dj Rhettmatic,  Mike Boogie,   Dj Radar,  Prime Cuts,  P-trix,  Spictacular,  Supa- Dave,  Dj Mysterio (dude does some crazy shit) , and I also influence myself.


" Emcees " 

   " Kool G Rap,  KRS One,  GangStarr,  Rakim,  Big Daddy Kane,  Big L,  The Wu-Tang Clan,  Canibus,  D.I.T.C. ,  Nas,  Killah Priest,  Big Punisher,  EPMD,  A Tribe Called Quest,  Chino XL,  Public Enemy,  Ras Kass,  Masta Ace,  Jeru The Damaja,  Redman,  Slick Rick,  Dilated Peoples,  Ice Cube,  RUN DMC,  Beatnuts,  Beat Junkies,  Mobb Deep, M.O.P.,  N.W.A.,  J. Love,  and of course the C.A.D.E.T.S.








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CONTACT :    Djturnament@yahoo.com