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There will be more pics soon!!!!!!!!

King Author reppin at a show

C.A.D.E.T.S.- From left to right (DJ Turnament, I.D., Adept, Fine Print, and Tap Out)

Tap Out, Rhetoric(covering his face), R A The Rugged Man and King Author( everybody else just wanted to take pics with the gods)

King Author and DJ Turnament ( Thats water stupid King Author doesn't drink idiots)

Willie, King Author and Tap Out

DJ Turnament and Tap Out

An old pic of King Author and Tap Out in front of the public library ( A place that you probably never visit)

The beast Tap Out killing the mic at a show

King Author in all of his glory killin' em

Louis Logic and King Author

DJ Turnament and Tap Out

Adept and I.D.

Adept and Fine Print ( C.A.D.E.T.S MOTHAFUKKAAAA )