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                           Yeah, first off I just wanna say PEACE to all of you who check out my page, and appreciate the raw talents of myself and my comrades. Sometime soon I plan to put up new tracks (Exclusive's and Rare Demo's) and some of my own art work which consist of Comic Books, Anime and other elements that influenced me to do what I do.  For those who dont know, not too long ago I put out a mix tape entitled D.E.M.O. which is 7 tracks of  raw lyricals that features myself, as well as my unit the C.A.D.E.T.S. . . For those of you who were fortunate enough to purchase the mixtape, you have my gratitude!! If anyone out there has any questions or comments about the lyrics, or anything else I post up on my page feel free to send me a thread. I'll respond back to ya'll sooner than later.  Whether its Hip-Hop, Art, Good Books, Poli-tricks, or other shit thats related to what I do let me know. Peace & Blessings... 




                          I was first introduced to raw hip hop by my boy " AMEN ". He first got me into writing when hip hop was in its grimmy / golden era, which was obviously in the 90's. I would sit back and watch other emcees do there thing, and then build my own foundation from there in terms of style and delivery. I wrote my first rap when I was 13. I started writing before I started freestyling. The first time I freestyled over a beat was when I was 14. I took the backwards path of an emcee. Most emcee's start freestyling before they write. To some emcees, freestyling is easier than writing, especially to battle rappers. My first battle took place with a former crew member of a squad that I was once down with, but failed as a unit ( turned out to be a blessing in disguise). Even though I failed to obtain victory, I learned from the loss and experience. I learned what to do in battles. Like how to exploit weaknesses, and all and all crush my enemy's with my wrath. In terms of my style, I say its pretty deadly from the outside looking in. I used to take these walks around where I used 2 live, and look for opponents to test my skills. Whether by myself or with my crew, if you or your crew rhymed, and I knew that, we had to battle. I felt like I had to be the best emcee, and thats natural for any emcee who spits. I build myself up to the point as to where as if we battled, I would take it as if it was the closest thing to a life or death struggle (verbally). If I would lose, I'd feel like my whole world was lost. I think all emcees go through that. But you lose knowing YOU lose, not by what the crowd thinks, or if you got jerked. But that passion for rhyming as an emcee will never leave the depths of TAPOUT.



                          The history of me with Beyond Measure is a long story but I will make it short as possible. Around the year 2000, on my tour of duty (aka my wrath of murdering emcees) there was this one kid who used to battle me across the street throwing lyrics left and right at me. This is when I was first introduced to King Author (who is my boy today). He was my rival at the time, and still kind of is. We always try an outshine not only just each other on a track, but whoever else is on it. He was in a totally different crew than me, but he was in the crew (the only crew) that posed a threat to mine. So he knew that I wasn't just a sucker emcee, so he stepped up with heart, and I didn't back down. I could walking down the strret doing whatever I was doing at the time, would come out of no where and jus throw punchlines at me from across the street. I had no choice but to retaliate. To say who really won, who won more, I couldn't tell you cause there's been so many. We took it to a whole other level. None of us ever dropped, or backed down from a challenge, to this day still. We both basically realized that we were confident in our skills. That right there solidafied our respect for one anothers talents. We used to tell each other around that time that if our team ever joined forces, it would be a force that couldn't be touched. Even the thought of that happening at the time would make me tremble. Author's squad was going around the same streets and battles that we were. Going to parties, on the street, wherever it was at. It didn't matter to us, it was hip hop.

                          The idea of both of our crews combining was getting more and more serious. At the time Authors group was setting up the Camelot Studio. I was out there at the time, looking for a studio to record in. Amen and I were trying to record a demo. But unfortunately, things took a turn for the worst due to the enviroment my crew was in. Having that said, Author saw what was happening, and did not want to see my talents go to waste so he decided to put me down. I had convinced him and his crew by far that I could hang as an emcee. So he aksed me to be down. He was the only person (at that time) that had the confidence in me, besides Amen. Alot of people used to hate on me back in the day because they were insecure of there own talent. I was 100% confident with mine, and I am still determined to prove that to emcees, and to anyone. But, when I got down, needless to say, I felt like it was destined.

                          Things at first started to go pretty well in the beginning. Traveling as a group to shows, battles, etc. Our only intention was to dominate, nothing more. But, that was short lived. People started to get lazy. Skipped jam sessions, recording, training, and just overall chilling with the crew. People just eventually took there own path. So Author and I realized what was going on, and took matters into our own hands. We destroyed the group. In the wake of that, Author and I decided that at the time all this happened, we went all out to make a name for ourselves. We called it " Beyond Measure ". In the eyes of TAPOUT, Beyond Measure means to be infinite. Beyond Measure to me was / is untouchable. We're free thinkers first and foremost. To put limits on myself in general, especially as an emcee, will be contrary to what I feel now. That to me is one of the infinite definitions of what Beyond Measure is / stands for, no restraints!!! 

                           Backtracking a little bit from the histroy, when I was doing my first recordings at Camelot, I was actually put on to a group of other emcees (that today are known as the R.A.M.S.). The group now consists of three members, who go by the names of . . . "Identity, Adept, and Fineprint", back in the summer of 2003. I felt that what they brought to the microphone reminded me of the passion I have, which was hard to find. I've never saw that in any other emcees from around here for some time. I used to tell Author at the time that they would be the one's to come after us, if nurtured right. The R.A.M.S. had mutual respect for us, and vice versa. We both knew that if we were all serious about making music, we would all form together in the near future. Eventually it did within the next few years to come. We eventually came to the conclusion, that as a unit, that consisted of Beyond Measure, and The R.A.M.S., that we ARE untouchable, always have, and always will be. Like 6 cold hearted soldiers set out for war on hip hop. We then decided what better name than " THE C.A.D.E.T.S. ". Our mission is to Conquer And Dominate Everyone's Talentless Styles. So if your wondering what CADETS stands for its right there. If you can't figure out what that means right there, exit this page immediately!!!

                        The same night I met the R.A.M.S., they came with one of there boys. Author and I had never seen him before, although come to find out a few years later Author actually knew his brother. He was introduced to us at the time as just a normal kid chillen with his boys, and wasn't really a hip hop head YET. None the less we would later come to find out that he would later become to be known as The " Grand Facilitator, " Dj Turnament." Its weird when you find someone from the other side of the tracks that has the same love for music as you do for some reason. But Turnament's fortay was scratching and juggling, and Author and I slowly noticed it the more we builded. Author and I had already discussed that we needed a dj to balance the group out. We wanted Turnament to be down. We felt like his skills could bring more to the table not just as a dj, but as a producer as well. Bringing it old school style with just emcee and dj. No hype-man or whatever else on stage. Just the crew rocking the crowd by themselves. So when the oppurtunity presented itself, Turnament immediately excepted, and started taking his role for the group as a dj more and more serious as time went on. He got into the whole culture of it, which was never introduced to him until he met Author & myself. His skills have only gotten better, and will continue to do nothing but increase, just like the rest of the cadets. Turnament's been down for some time now. Since then the group has been complete within itself. Not even just for Beyond Measure, but for THE CADETS as well.




                          My main influences are hip hop philosophy, art, comics, books, cartoon, anime, and last but not least life. My hip hop influences are, " GZA / genuis from the Wu Tang Clan. The reason is becasue he's had the most impact on me since i first took hip hop serious. I feel like his stories and ideas are way beyond what other emcees are capable of these days, besides a few given names. Some other influences of emcess would be . . . " Rza ", " Big Pun ", " Canibus ",   " Poetic " (aka the grimm reaper) (R.I.P. ), " Chino XL ", " Non Phixion ", and " Kool G Rap "  to name a few, outside of our squad.

                          In terms of art . . . First and foremost Todd McFarlane, for birthing the idea of " Spawn ". I feel like i can really relate to some of the struggles Al Simmons goes through, to find peace of mind. The artwork he does is ill to me. Some other influence in terms of art are . . . " Bernard Hogarth " , " Miyamoto Musashi ", and " Bruce Lee ".

                         In terms of producers, first and foremost " The RZA ", " Dj Premier ", " Pete Rock ", " Stoupe ", " Necro ", and " Dj Muggs " to name a few. Other infuences that have molded me into TAPOUT are . . . " The Art of War " by Sun Tzu, " Fist of The North Star ", " Ninja Scroll ", " Akira ", " The Book of 5 Rings ", and " Family Traditions ". . . more influences to come . . .      







FOR CONTACT INFORMATION  E-MAIL : tapoutbeyondmeasure4th@yahoo.com