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King Author - Mc, DJ, and Producer

T.A.P. O.U.T. (Truth AbstractProof Of Universal Thought) - ill Lyricist, Designer

DJ Turnament - Godfader of the turntables, & Top Secret, Confidential shit.

- - The Birth - -

            The story of the forming of Beyond Measure was an epic with in itself.  A lot of the details will be left out do to some of the parties involved.  King Author had already been part of a group with two other memebrs for several years predating Beyond Measure.  At some point Tap Out , who was Author's rival,  got down with that group. All the details to how everything was formed is on each members page. Tap, Author and the rest were doing street ciphers, local battles, open mics, and radio appearances.  The group had a falling out as conflicts of interest came to play and the future for Author and Tap Out was uncertain.  The two would later decide they would continue regardless to form a new label and a group.  The group that was formed was " Beyond Measure " and the label was " 4th Realm Entertaiment. "  The group needed a dj, so we put down DJ Turnament, The Grand Facilitator. Author met him through the RAMS, and they builded for a while. Sooner than later he was there dj. They also formed an alliance with a local group that recorded at the Camelot studio, which is the base of operation for everything. This groups name was called the " R.A.M.S. " (Rhyme and Meta4 Supremacy). The group consists of 3 members (Identity, Fine Print, and Adept) who combined with Beyond Measure and formed the " C.A.D.E.T.S. " (Conquering And Destroying Everyone's Talentless Styles). The label WILL become a formidable force for years to come . . . . . . . . . . .